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Dr. Kathryn Seifert

Dr. Seifert is featured in Psychology Today:
Violence Risk Reduction Planning
Whilst the murder rate in the United States is down as a whole the mass murder rate has been rising (USA Today, 2014). Many have been broadcasting the fact that we are seeing an overall decline in the murder rate in this country but, it is still a fact that, the United States has the highest violence and incarceration rates of all advanced nations in the world according to the World Health Organization. How to we deal with this issue when many have tried and failed in the past? We need to move the conversation down a direction that it has not gone before; we are in grave need of Violence Reduction Plans.
Violence: Beyond the Sidelines
Since the year 2000, 85 out of 713 arrests of NFL players have been for domestic violence, according to USA Today. And, in the last two years, over a dozen events involving NFL plyers have been associated with domestic violence. The responses from the NFL have been inconsistent in case examples such as the arrest of Ray McDonald, defensive for the San Francisco 49ers, and conviction of Greg Panther, defensive end for the North Carolina Panthers. Both cases in domestic violence are still awaiting legal outcomes and despite evidence that domestic violence did occur, the NFL is awaiting legal disposition before taking action.
"Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor..."
Turn on the news and we see stories from the Middle East and Africa of serious humanitarian crises that have no end in sight. What we do not see however is that here, in the United States, we have our own humanitarian crisis with 52,000 unaccompanied children, and an unknown number of families and adults, at our borders seeking refuge from the murder, rape and violence of their native countries. Right now, they are the most vulnerable among us. This problem has led to two polar opposite reactions from those powerbrokers in DC and the general public.
Discipline, Forgetfulness, Child Abuse: Where is the Line?
The news, almost daily, has stories of harm done to children. Whilst it is true than some are stories of freak accidents, some of children being children and injuring themselves in the process, some the result of forgetfulness or just plain bad luck on the part of the parents, but then there are other stories where there is a much more sinister force at work. Child abuse is one of the most horrifying and shameful aspects of our society.
Land of the Free, Home of the Prisoners
Isn't it great to be number one? In a recent New York Times article, the U.S. prison system has been thrust into the spotlight, highlighting the fact that we lock up more of our citizens than any other country. We beat out our competitors by a long shot. If we do not reform our prison system in a meaningful progressive way, our situation will continue to worsen from a psychological, economic and cultural standpoint. However, with a few simple steps that address the real issues, we could dramatically improve our society and the lives of future generations.
Fort Hood Shooting: How Could We Have Known?
Ivan Lopez killed three people and injured many others before turning the gun on himself. Is there some way that we could have known that this storm was brewing? Could we have provided better treatment? Prevented this attack? For all of the above, I believe the answer is "yes."
Beyond Bullying: When Abuse Becomes Extreme
Bullying often ranges from a moderate problem to small growing pains. But what happens when students or youth go too far and display extreme abusive behavior? A recent story in Maryland shocked the country with its gruesome details. How can we prevent this type of violence from occurring in other schools?
Death by Stoning: Why Is This Sickening Punishment Legal?
When you hear the word “stoning” you most likely think of it as an ancient punishment. But in 2014, this barbaric ritual is still legal or being practiced in 15 countries. Learn the truth and help put an end to this violation of human dignity.
Repairing a Broken System
Many state's social services systems need to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. This is an idea that Governor Jan Brewer has put into action.
Life Is Tough: Overcoming Hardship and Failure
What is it exactly that separates those who thrive regardless of adversity and those who don’t? Is it genetics, luck, or pure willpower?

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Dr. Kathryn Seifert
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